Hi, I’m Jen!  I’m a happy wife, happy mother, Christmas freak, believer in Santa, book nerd, Southerner at large, hater of math, lover of family, gummy bears and smiling.

This is my husband, Sean.


He’s an alien.  I know all women think that about their men but in my case it’s true.  He has a wicked sense of humor and he’s one of the most fair people I’ve ever known.  But mostly I married him for his butt.  Just sayin’…

This is our daughter, Eva.


She’s eight, soon to be 37.  She loves sushi and Minecraft and unicorns and her favorite colors are pink and purple (did I mention she’s 8?).  She knows her way around a kitchen and wants to be a travel writer when she grows up. Also, she’s just not having it.  

This is our son, Van.


He just learned to walk.  He likes eating, sleeping and tackling his sister. His favorite words are “What’s that?”. He’s only a year and half old but you can seriously tell already that he’s a total homebody, making him a child after my own heart.

Once, after a discussion with Eva about what Sean does for a living I asked her what she thought I did and she said “You’re a maker, Momma.”  She knows my heart!  Here are some of the things you might find me making at any given moment:

  • Meals
  • Quilts
  • Costumes
  • Beds
  • Lists
  • Memories
  • Cards
  • Clothes
  • Love
  • People smile/angry/happy/cry/think
  • Lists
  • Plans
  • A mess
  • Also, lists

This blog is my place to share some of the things I make.  I hope it will inspire you to make every day a special occasion!  Thanks for stopping by!